Civil Procedure Code (CPC) in english

Civil Procedure Code - 2023

Art. 1 General ProvisionsTitle 1 Subject Matter and Scope of Application
Art. 2 International matters
Art. 3 Organisation of the courts and the conciliation authorities
Art. 4 Jurisdiction of the Courts and RecusalChapter 1 Material Jurisdiction and Functional Jurisdiction
Art. 5 Court of sole cantonal instance
Art. 6 Commercial Court
Art. 7 Disputes concerning insurance supplementary to social health insurance
Art. 8 Direct action before the higher court
Art. 9 Territorial Jurisdiction Section 1 General Provisions
Art. 10 Domicile and registered office
Art. 11 Residence
Art. 12 Establishment
Art. 13 Interim measures
Art. 14 Counterclaim
Art. 15 Joinder of parties and joinder of actions
Art. 16 Third party action
Art. 17 Agreement on jurisdiction
Art. 18 Acceptance by appearance
Art. 19 Non-contentious matters
Art. 20 Law of Persons
Art. 21 Declaration of death and declaration of presumed death
Art. 22 Modification of the civil register
Art. 23 Family Law
Art. 24 Applications and actions in registered partnership matters
Art. 25 Actions relating to parent-child relationships
Art. 26 Actions for maintenance and assistance
Art. 27 Claims of the unmarried mother
Art. 28 Law of Succession
Art. 29 Property Law
Art. 30 Chattels
Art. 31 Actions in Contract
Art. 32 Consumer contracts
Art. 33 Tenancy and lease of immovable property
Art. 34 Employment Law
Art. 35 Waiver of statutory jurisdiction
Art. 36 Actions in Tort
Art. 37 Damages for unjustified interim measures
Art. 38 Motor vehicle and bicycle accidents
Art. 39 Incidental civil claim
Art. 40 Commercial Law
Art. 41
Art. 42 Mergers, demergers, transformations, transfers of assets and liabilities
Art. 43 Cancellation of securities and insurance policies, injunction against payment
Art. 44 Bonds
Art. 45 Collective investment schemes
Art. 46 Debt Enforcement and Bankruptcy Law
Art. 47 Recusal
Art. 48 Duty to provide information
Art. 49 Application for recusal
Art. 50 Decision
Art. 51 Consequences of violating the regulations on recusal
Art. 52 Procedural Principles and Procedural RequirementsChapter 1 Procedural Principles
Art. 53 Right to be heard
Art. 54 Publicity
Art. 55 Principles of production of evidence and of ex-officio investigation
Art. 56 Court's duty to enquire
Art. 57 Ex-officio application of the law
Art. 58 Principles of non ultra petita and ex-officio assessment
Art. 59 Procedural Requirements
Art. 60 Verification of compliance with the procedural requirements
Art. 61 Arbitration agreement
Art. 62 Pendency and Effects of Withdrawal of the Action
Art. 63 Pendency where the court has no jurisdiction or the procedure is incorrect
Art. 64 Effects of pendency
Art. 65 Effects of withdrawal
Art. 66 Parties and Participation of Third PartiesChapter 1 Capacity to be a Party and Capacity to take Legal Action
Art. 67 Capacity to take legal action
Art. 68 Representation of the Parties
Art. 69 Inability to appear
Art. 70 Joinder of Parties
Art. 71 Voluntary joinder
Art. 72 Joint representation
Art. 73 Third Party InterventionSection 1 Principal Intervention
Art. 74 Accessory Intervention
Art. 75 Application
Art. 76 Rights of the Intervenor
Art. 77 Effect of intervention
Art. 78 Third Party Notice and Third Party ActionSection 1 Third Party Notice
Art. 79 Standing of the third party
Art. 80 Effects of notice
Art. 81 Third Party Action
Art. 82 Procedure
Art. 83 Substitution of a Party
Art. 84 Actions
Art. 85 Action for an unquantified debt
Art. 86 Partial action
Art. 87 Action to modify a legal relationship
Art. 88 Action for a declaratory judgment
Art. 89 Group action
Art. 90 Combination of actions
Art. 91 Value in Dispute
Art. 92 Recurring usage or services
Art. 93 Joinder of parties and joinder of actions
Art. 94 Counterclaim
Art. 95 Costs and Legal AidChapter 1 Procedural Costs
Art. 96 Tariffs
Art. 97 Advice on procedural costs
Art. 98 Advance payment of costs
Art. 99 Security for party costs
Art. 100 Nature and amount of security
Art. 101 Provision of advance and security
Art. 102 Advance for taking of evidence
Art. 103 Appellate remedy
Art. 104 Allocation and Settlement of Procedural Costs
Art. 105 Determination and allocation of costs
Art. 106 General principles of allocation
Art. 107 Discretionary allocation
Art. 108 Unnecessary costs
Art. 109 Allocation in the event of a settlement
Art. 110 Appellate remedy
Art. 111 Recovery of costs
Art. 112 Deferment, waiver, prescription and interest
Art. 113 Special Provisions on Costs
Art. 114 Litigation proceedings
Art. 115 Obligation to bear costs
Art. 116 Exemption under cantonal law
Art. 117 Legal Aid
Art. 118 Extent
Art. 119 Application and procedure
Art. 120 Revocation of legal aid
Art. 121 Appellate remedy
Art. 122 Recovery of costs
Art. 123 Reimbursement
Art. 124 Director of Proceedings, Procedural Acts and DeadlinesChapter 1 Director of proceedings
Art. 125 Simplification of proceedings
Art. 126 Suspension of proceedings
Art. 127 Transfer of connected cases
Art. 128 Procedural discipline and vexatious conduct
Art. 129 Forms of Procedural Acts Section 1 Language of the Proceedings
Art. 130 Party Submissions
Art. 131 Number of copies
Art. 132 Defective, querulous and abusive submissions
Art. 133 Summons
Art. 134 Timing
Art. 135 Postponement of appearance
Art. 136 Service of Process
Art. 137 Service to a representative
Art. 138 Form
Art. 139 Electronic service
Art. 140 Domicile for service
Art. 141 Public notice
Art. 142 Limitation Periods, Default and RestitutionSection 1 Limitation Periods
Art. 143 Compliance
Art. 144 Extension
Art. 145 Suspension of limitation periods
Art. 146 Effects of suspension
Art. 147 Default and Restitution
Art. 148 Restitution
Art. 149 Restitution procedure
Art. 150 EvidenceChapter 1 General Provisions
Art. 151 Known facts
Art. 152 Right to evidence
Art. 153 Taking of evidence ex officio
Art. 154 Ruling on evidence
Art. 155 Taking of evidence
Art. 156 Safeguarding legitimate interests
Art. 157 Free assessment of evidence
Art. 158 Precautionary taking of evidence
Art. 159 Management bodies of a legal entity
Art. 160 Duty to Cooperate and Right to RefuseSection 1 General Provisions
Art. 161 Advice
Art. 162 Justified refusal to cooperate
Art. 163 The Parties' Right to Refuse
Art. 164 Unjustified refusal
Art. 165 Third Parties' Right to Refuse
Art. 166 Limited right to refuse
Art. 167 Unjustified refusal
Art. 168 EvidenceSection 1 Admissible Evidence
Art. 169 Testimony
Art. 170 Summons
Art. 171 Form of statement
Art. 172 Content of statement
Art. 173 Additional questions
Art. 174 Confrontation
Art. 175 Testimony of an expert witness
Art. 176 Transcript
Art. 177 Physical Records
Art. 178 Authenticity
Art. 179 Evidentiary force of public registers and official records
Art. 180 Production of physical records
Art. 181 Inspection
Art. 182 Record
Art. 183 Expert Opinion
Art. 184 Rights and obligations of the expert
Art. 185 Mandate
Art. 186 Enquiries by the expert
Art. 187 Submission of the opinion
Art. 188 Default and inadequate performance
Art. 189 Arbitrator's opinion
Art. 190 Written Information
Art. 191 Examination of the Parties and Giving Evidence
Art. 192 Giving evidence
Art. 193 Record
Art. 194 Mutual Assistance between Swiss Courts
Art. 195 Procedural acts in another canton
Art. 196 Mutual assistance
Art. 197 Attempt at ConciliationChapter 1 Scope of Application and Conciliation Authority
Art. 198 Exceptions
Art. 199 Waiver of conciliation
Art. 200 Joint conciliation authorities
Art. 201 Tasks of the conciliation authority
Art. 202 Conciliation Proceedings
Art. 203 Hearing
Art. 204 Personal appearance
Art. 205 Confidentiality of proceedings
Art. 206 Default
Art. 207 Costs of conciliation proceedings
Art. 208 Agreement and Authorisation to Proceed
Art. 209 Authorisation to proceed
Art. 210 Proposed Judgment and Decision
Art. 211 Effects
Art. 212 Decision
Art. 213 Mediation
Art. 214 Mediation during court proceedings
Art. 215 Organisation and conduct of mediation
Art. 216 Relationship with court proceedings
Art. 217 Approval of an agreement
Art. 218 Costs of mediation
Art. 219 Ordinary ProceedingsChapter 1 Scope of Application
Art. 220 Exchange of Written Submissions and Preparation for the Main Hearing
Art. 221 Statement of claim
Art. 222 Statement of defence
Art. 223 Failure to file a statement of defence
Art. 224 Counterclaim
Art. 225 Second exchange of written submissions
Art. 226 Instruction hearing
Art. 227 Amendment of the statement of claim
Art. 228 Main Hearing
Art. 229 New facts and evidence
Art. 230 Amendment of the statement of claim
Art. 231 Taking of evidence
Art. 232 Closing submissions
Art. 233 Dispensing with the main hearing
Art. 234 Failure to attend the main hearing
Art. 235 Records
Art. 236 Decision
Art. 237 Interim decision
Art. 238 Content
Art. 239 Notice to the parties and statement of grounds
Art. 240 Notice and publication of the decision
Art. 241 Close of Proceedings without Decision
Art. 242 Proceedings made groundless for other reasons
Art. 243 Simplified Proceedings
Art. 244 Simplified statement of claim
Art. 245 Summons to a hearing and statement of defence
Art. 246 Procedural rulings
Art. 247 Establishment of facts
Art. 248 Summary ProceedingsChapter 1 Scope of Application
Art. 249 Civil Code
Art. 250 Code of Obligations
Art. 251 Debt Enforcement and Bankruptcy Act of 11 April 1889
Art. 251a Federal Act of 18 December 1987 on Private International Law
Art. 252 Procedure and Decision
Art. 253 Answer
Art. 254 Evidence
Art. 255 Principle of ex-officio investigation
Art. 256 Decision
Art. 257 Clear Cases
Art. 258 Court Injunction
Art. 259 Notice
Art. 260 Opposition
Art. 261 Interim Measures and Protective LetterSection 1 Interim Measures
Art. 262 Subject matter
Art. 263 Measures ordered before the action becomes pending
Art. 264 Security and damages
Art. 265 Ex-parte interim measures
Art. 266 Measures against the media
Art. 267 Enforcement
Art. 268 Modification and revocation
Art. 269 Reservation
Art. 270 Protective Letter
Art. 271 Special Proceedings in Marital LawChapter 1 Summary Proceedings
Art. 272 Principle of ex-officio investigation
Art. 273 Procedure
Art. 274 Divorce Proceedings Section 1 General Provisions
Art. 275 Suspension of the common household
Art. 276 Interim measures
Art. 277 Establishment of facts
Art. 278 Personal appearance
Art. 279 Approval of the agreement
Art. 280 Agreement on occupational pension benefits
Art. 281
Art. 282 Maintenance payments
Art. 283 Unity of decision
Art. 284 Adjusting the binding effects of divorce
Art. 285 Divorce at Joint Request
Art. 286 Submission in the case of partial agreement
Art. 287 Hearing of the parties
Art. 288 Continuation of the proceedings and decision
Art. 289 Appellate remedies
Art. 290 Action for Divorce
Art. 291 Conciliation hearing
Art. 292 Change to divorce at joint request
Art. 293 Amendment of the action
Art. 294 Actions for Annulment and Separation
Art. 295 Proceedings relating to Children in Family Law MattersChapter 1 General Provisions
Art. 296 Principles of ex-officio investigation and assessment
Art. 297 Hearing of the parents and mediation
Art. 298 Hearing the child
Art. 299 Appointing a representative for the child
Art. 300 Competence of the representative
Art. 301 Notice of the decision
Art. 301a Maintenance payments
Art. 302
Art. 303 Interim measures
Art. 304 Jurisdiction
Art. 305 Proceedings relating to Same-Sex Partnerships Chapter 1 Summary Procedure
Art. 306 Procedure
Art. 307 Dissolution and Annulment of Same-Sex Partnerships
Art. 307a Proceedings relating to Children in connection with Same-Sex Partnerships
Art. 308 AppealSection 1 Decisions that may be contested and Grounds for Appeal
Art. 309 Exceptions
Art. 310 Grounds for appeal
Art. 311 Appeals, Answers to the Appeal and Cross Appeals
Art. 312 Answer to the appeal
Art. 313 Cross appeal
Art. 314 Summary proceedings
Art. 315 Effects and Procedure of an Appeal
Art. 316 Procedure before the appellate court
Art. 317 New facts and new evidence; Amendment of claim
Art. 318 Decision
Art. 319 Objections
Art. 320 Grounds for an objection
Art. 321 Filing an objection
Art. 322 Answer to the objection
Art. 323 Cross objections
Art. 324 Comments of the lower court
Art. 325 Suspensive effect
Art. 326 New applications, new facts and new evidence
Art. 327 Procedure and decision
Art. 327a Enforcement declaration under the Lugano Convention
Art. 328 Review
Art. 329 Deadlines and form
Art. 330 Response by the opposing party
Art. 331 Suspensive effect
Art. 332 Decision on the review application
Art. 333 New decision on the merits
Art. 334 Explanation and Rectification
Art. 335 EnforcementChapter 1 Enforcement of Decisions
Art. 336 Enforceability
Art. 337 Direct enforcement
Art. 338 Request for enforcement
Art. 339 Jurisdiction and procedure
Art. 340 Protective measures
Art. 341 Examination of enforceability and hearing the unsuccessful party
Art. 342 Enforcement of conditional performance or performance subject to counter-performance
Art. 343 Obligation to act, refrain from acting or to tolerate
Art. 344 Declaration of intent
Art. 345 Damages and conversion into money
Art. 346 Appellate remedy for third parties
Art. 347 Enforcement of Official Records
Art. 348 Exceptions
Art. 349 Records relating to performance in money
Art. 350 Records relating to other forms of performance
Art. 351 Proceedings before the enforcement court
Art. 352 Judicial review
Art. 353 ArbitrationTitle 1 General Provisions
Art. 354 Arbitrability
Art. 355 Location of the arbitral tribunal
Art. 356 Competent ordinary courts
Art. 357 Arbitration agreement
Art. 358 Form
Art. 359 Challenging the arbitral tribunal's jurisdiction
Art. 360 Constitution of the Arbitral Tribunal
Art. 361 Appointment by the parties
Art. 362 Appointment by the ordinary court
Art. 363 Duty to disclose
Art. 364 Acceptance of office
Art. 365 Secretary
Art. 366 Term of office
Art. 367 Challenge, Removal and Replacement of Arbitrators
Art. 368 Challenging the arbitral tribunal
Art. 369 Challenge procedure
Art. 370 Removal
Art. 371 Replacement of an arbitrator
Art. 372 Arbitration Proceedings
Art. 373 General rules of procedure
Art. 374 Interim measures, security and damages
Art. 375 Taking of evidence and participation of the ordinary court
Art. 376 Joinder of parties, joinder of actions and participation of third parties
Art. 377 Set-off and counterclaim
Art. 378 Advance of costs
Art. 379 Security for party costs
Art. 380 Legal aid
Art. 381 Arbitral Award
Art. 382 Deliberations and decision
Art. 383 Interim and partial awards
Art. 384 Content of the award
Art. 385 Agreement between the parties
Art. 386 Notice and deposit
Art. 387 Effect of the award
Art. 388 Correction, explanation and amendment of the award
Art. 389 Appellate RemediesChapter 1 Objections
Art. 390 Objection to the cantonal court
Art. 391 Subsidiarity
Art. 392 Challengeable awards
Art. 393 Grounds for objection
Art. 394 Remit for rectification or amendment
Art. 395 Decision
Art. 396 Review
Art. 397 Deadlines
Art. 398 Procedure
Art. 399 Remit to the arbitral tribunal
Art. 400 Final ProvisionsTitle 1 Implementation
Art. 401 Pilot projects
Art. 402 Amendment of Legislation
Art. 403 Coordination provisions
Art. 404 Continued application of the previous law
Art. 405 Appellate remedies
Art. 406 Agreement on jurisdiction
Art. 407 Arbitration
Art. 407a Transitional Provision to the Amendment of 28 September 2012
Art. 407b Transitional Provision to the Amendment of 20 March 2015
Art. 407c
Art. 408 Referendum and Commencement
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