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BBG - 2022

Art. 1 General Provisions
Art. 2 Object and scope
Art. 3 Objectives
Art. 4 Development of the VPET system
Art. 5 Information, documentation and teaching materials
Art. 6 Understanding and exchange between linguistic communities
Art. 7 Promoting disadvantaged regions and groups
Art. 8 Improving quality
Art. 9 Encouraging permeability within the education system
Art. 10 Rights of learners to be consulted
Art. 11 Private providers
Art. 12 Vocational Education and TrainingSection 1 General Provisions
Art. 13 Imbalances in the apprenticeship market
Art. 14 Apprenticeship contract
Art. 15 Structure
Art. 16 VET segments, learning locations, responsibilities
Art. 17 Types and duration of VET programmes
Art. 18 Taking individual needs into account
Art. 19 VET ordinances
Art. 20 Providers
Art. 21 VET schools
Art. 22 Courses offered by VET schools
Art. 23 Branch courses and similar third-party training courses
Art. 24 Supervision
Art. 25 Federal Vocational Baccalaureate
Art. 26 Professional Education
Art. 27 Forms of professional education
Art. 28 Federal professional examinations and advanced federal professional examinations
Art. 29 Professional education institutions
Art. 30 Job-Related Continuing Education and Training
Art. 31 Job-related CET courses
Art. 32 Measures taken by the Confederation
Art. 33 Qualification Procedures, Qualifications and TitlesSection 1 General Provisions
Art. 34 Prerequisites for qualification procedures
Art. 35 Promotion of other qualification procedures
Art. 36 Protection of titles
Art. 37 Vocational Education and Training
Art. 38 Federal VET Diploma
Art. 39 Federal Vocational Baccalaureate
Art. 40 Qualification procedures
Art. 41 Examination fees
Art. 42 Professional education
Art. 43 Tertiary-level professional qualifications; entry into the register
Art. 44 Professional education institutions
Art. 45 Training of Professionals working within VPET system
Art. 46 Requirements for teachers
Art. 47 Other professionals within VPET system
Art. 48 Support for vocational pedagogy
Art. 48a
Art. 49 Vocational, Educational and Career Guidance
Art. 50 Guidance counsellor qualifications
Art. 51 Cantonal authority tasks
Art. 52 Federal Subsidies for VPET system; VPET FundsSection 1 Federal Subsidies for VPET system
Art. 53 Lump-sum funding for the Cantons
Art. 54 Subsidies for projects that seek to develop and improve the quality of the VPET system
Art. 55 Subsidies for specific activities that serve the public interest
Art. 56 Subsidies for federal professional examinations, advanced federal professional examinations; study programmes at professional education institutions
Art. 56a Subsidies to persons completing preparatory courses for federal professional examinations and advanced federal professional examinations
Art. 56b Information system
Art. 57 Conditions and requirements
Art. 58 Reduction and withholding of subsidies
Art. 59 Budgets, allocation of federal funding
Art. 60 VPET Funds
Art. 61 Appeals, Criminal Provisions, ImplementationSection 1 Appeals
Art. 62 Criminal Provisions
Art. 63 Abuse of title
Art. 64 Prosecution
Art. 65 Implementation
Art. 66 Cantons
Art. 67 Delegation of tasks to third parties
Art. 68
Art. 69 Federal Commission for Vocational and Professional Education and Training
Art. 70 Tasks of the EBBK
Art. 71 Federal Vocational Baccalaureate Commission
Art. 72 Final Provisions
Art. 73 Transitional provisions
Art. 74 Referendum and commencement
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