Copyright Act (CopA) in english

Copyright Act - 2022

Art. 1 Subject-Matter
Art. 2 CopyrightChapter 1 Works
Art. 3 Derivative works
Art. 4 Collected works
Art. 5 Works excluded from protection
Art. 6 Author
Art. 7 Joint authorship
Art. 8 Presumption of authorship
Art. 9 Scope of CopyrightSection 1 Relationship of the Author to his Work
Art. 10 Use of the work
Art. 11 Integrity of the work
Art. 12 Relationship between Authorship and Ownership of Copies of the Work
Art. 13 Rental of copies of works
Art. 13a Making available of audio-visual works
Art. 14 Author’s right of access and exhibition
Art. 15 Protection against destruction
Art. 16 Assignment of Rights; Debt Enforcement
Art. 17 Rights to computer programs
Art. 18 Debt enforcement
Art. 19 Exceptions to Copyright
Art. 20 Remuneration for private use
Art. 21 Decoding of computer programs
Art. 22 Dissemination of broadcast works
Art. 22a Use of broadcasting organisations’ archived works
Art. 22b Use of orphan works
Art. 22c Making available broadcast musical works
Art. 23 Compulsory licence for the manufacture of phonograms
Art. 24 Archive and backup copies
Art. 24a Temporary copies
Art. 24b Copies for broadcasting purposes
Art. 24c Use of works by persons with disabilities
Art. 24d Use of works for the purposes of scientific research
Art. 24e Inventories
Art. 25 Quotations
Art. 26 Museum, exhibition and auction catalogues
Art. 27 Works on premises open to the public
Art. 28 Reporting current events
Art. 29 Term of Protection
Art. 30 Joint authorship
Art. 31 Unknown authorship
Art. 32 Calculation
Art. 33 Related Rights
Art. 33a Moral rights of performers
Art. 34 Collective performance
Art. 35 Right to remuneration for the use of phonograms and audio-visual fixations
Art. 35a Making available of performances in audio-visual works
Art. 36 Rights of phonogram and audio-visual fixation producers
Art. 37 Rights of broadcasting organisations
Art. 38 Assignment of rights, enforcement, and exceptions and limitations to protection
Art. 39 Term of protection
Art. 39a Protection of Technological Measures and Rights Management Information
Art. 39b Monitoring office for technological measures
Art. 39c Protection of rights management information
Art. 39d Obligation of Providers of Internet Hosting Services which store Information entered by Users
Art. 40 Collective Rights Management OrganisationsChapter 1 Areas Subject to Federal Supervision
Art. 41 Authorisation
Art. 42 Requirements
Art. 43 Term; publication
Art. 43a Extended Collective Licences
Art. 44 Obligations of the Collective Rights Management Organisations
Art. 45 Principles of the conduct of business
Art. 46 Tariffs
Art. 47 Joint tariff
Art. 48 Principles of distribution
Art. 49 Distribution of the proceeds
Art. 50 Obligation to provide information and render account
Art. 51 Obligation to Provide Information to Collective Rights Management Organisations
Art. 52 Supervision of the Collective Rights Management OrganisationsSection 1 Supervision of the Conduct of Business
Art. 53 Extent of supervision
Art. 54 Measures in cases of failure to comply with obligations
Art. 55 Supervision of Tariffs
Art. 56 Composition of the Arbitration Commission
Art. 57 Quorum for taking decisions
Art. 58 Administrative supervision
Art. 59 Approval of the tariffs
Art. 60 Principle of equitableness
Art. 61 Legal ProtectionChapter 1 Protection under Civil Law
Art. 62 Actions for performance
Art. 63 Forfeiture in civil proceedings
Art. 64
Art. 65 Preliminary measures
Art. 66 Publication of the judgment
Art. 66a Notification of judgments
Art. 67 Criminal Provisions
Art. 68 Omission of source
Art. 69 Infringement of related rights
Art. 69a Offences relating to technical protection measures and to rights- management information
Art. 70 Unauthorised assertion of rights
Art. 71 Offences in business activities
Art. 72 Forfeiture in criminal proceedings
Art. 73 Prosecution
Art. 74 Appeals to the Federal Administrative Court
Art. 75 Notification of suspicious goods
Art. 76 Application for assistance
Art. 77 Withholding of goods
Art. 77a Samples
Art. 77b Safeguarding manufacturing and trade secrets
Art. 77c Application for destruction of the goods
Art. 77d Consent
Art. 77e Evidence
Art. 77f Damages
Art. 77g Costs
Art. 77h Accountability statement and damages
Art. 77i Processing of Personal Data for the purpose of Filing a Criminal Complaint or Reporting a Criminal Offence
Art. 78 Final ProvisionsChapter 1 Implementation and Repeal of Current Legislation
Art. 79 Repeal of federal legislation
Art. 80 Transitional Provisions
Art. 81 Existing contracts
Art. 81a Licensees’ right of action
Art. 82 Authorisation for the exploitation of copyright
Art. 83 Tariffs
Art. 84 Referendum and Commencement
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