Foreign Nationals and Integration Act (FNIA) in english

Foreign Nationals and Integration Act - 2022

Art. 1 Subject Matter and Scope of Application
Art. 2 Scope of application
Art. 3 Principles of Admission and Integration
Art. 4 Integration
Art. 5 Entry and Exit
Art. 6 Issue of the visa
Art. 7 Crossing the border and border controls
Art. 8
Art. 9 Authorities responsible for border controls
Art. 10 Permit and Notification Requirements
Art. 11 Permit requirement for period of stay with gainful employment
Art. 12 Registration requirement
Art. 13 Permit and registration procedures
Art. 14 Derogations from the permit and the registration requirement
Art. 15 Notice of departure
Art. 16 Notification requirement in the case of commercial accommodation
Art. 17 Regulation of the period of stay until the permit decision
Art. 18 Admission RequirementsSection 1 Admission for a Period of Stay with Gainful Employment
Art. 19 Self-employment
Art. 20 Limitation measures
Art. 21 Precedence
Art. 21a Measures for persons seeking employment
Art. 22 Salary and employment conditions and compensation for expenses incurred by posted employees
Art. 23 Personal requirements
Art. 24 Accommodation
Art. 25 Admission of cross-border commuters
Art. 26 Admission for cross-border services
Art. 26a Admission of caregivers and teachers
Art. 27 Admission for Residence without Gainful Employment
Art. 28 Retired persons
Art. 29 Medical treatment
Art. 29a Persons seeking employment
Art. 30 Derogations from the Admission Requirements
Art. 31 Stateless Persons
Art. 32 Regulation of the Period of stay
Art. 33 Residence permit
Art. 34 Settlement permit
Art. 35 Cross-border commuter permit
Art. 36 Place of residence
Art. 37 Change of the place of residence to another canton
Art. 38 Gainful employment
Art. 39 Employment of cross-border commuters
Art. 40 Permit-granting authority and preliminary decision based on the employment market
Art. 41 Identity cards
Art. 41a Security and reading of the data chip
Art. 41b Office issuing biometric identity cards
Art. 42 Family Reunification
Art. 43 Spouses and children of persons with a settlement permit
Art. 44 Spouses and children of persons with a residence permit
Art. 45 Spouses and children of persons with a short stay permit
Art. 45a Annulment of marriage
Art. 46 Employment of spouses and children
Art. 47 Time limit for family reunification
Art. 48 Children fostered with a view to adoption
Art. 49 Exemptions from requirement of cohabitation
Art. 49a Exception to the requirement of proof of language proficiency
Art. 50 Dissolution of the family household
Art. 51 Expiry of the right to family reunification
Art. 52 Registered partnership
Art. 53 Principles
Art. 53a Target groups
Art. 54 Integration support within standard structures
Art. 55 Specific approaches to integration support
Art. 55a Measures for persons with special integration needs
Art. 56 Allocation of tasks
Art. 57 Provision of information and advice
Art. 58 Financial contributions
Art. 58a Integration Requirements
Art. 58b Agreements and recommendations relating to integration
Art. 59
Art. 59a Data chip
Art. 59b Biometric data
Art. 59c Travel ban for refugees
Art. 60 End of the Period of StaySection 1 Return and Reintegration Assistance
Art. 61 Expiry of permits
Art. 61a Expiry of the right of residence of EU and EFTA citizens
Art. 62 Revocation of permits and other rulings
Art. 63 Revocation of a settlement permit
Art. 64 Procedures to Remove and Keep People Away
Art. 64a Removal under the Dublin Association Agreements
Art. 64b Removal order on standard form
Art. 64c Removal without formal procedure
Art. 64d Departure deadline and immediate enforcement
Art. 64e Obligations on giving notice of a removal order
Art. 64f Translation of the removal order
Art. 65 Refusal of entry and removal at the airport
Art. 66
Art. 67 Ban on entry
Art. 68 Expulsion
Art. 68a Alert in the Schengen Information System
Art. 68b Competent authority
Art. 68c Exit and confirmation of return
Art. 68d Deletion of Swiss alerts in the SIS
Art. 68e Disclosure of SIS data to third parties
Art. 69 Ordering deportation
Art. 70 Search
Art. 71 Federal support for the implementation authorities
Art. 71a International return interventions
Art. 71abis Supervision of deportation procedures and international return interventions
Art. 71b Disclosure of medical data for the assessment of fitness to travel
Art. 72 COVID-19 test on deportation
Art. 73 Coercive Measures
Art. 74 Restriction and exclusion orders
Art. 75 Detention in preparation for departure
Art. 76 Detention pending deportation
Art. 76a Detention under the Dublin procedure
Art. 77 Detention pending deportation due to lack of cooperation in obtaining travel documents
Art. 78 Coercive detention
Art. 79 Maximum term of detention
Art. 80 Detention order and detention review
Art. 80a Detention order and detention review under the Dublin procedure
Art. 81 Conditions of detention
Art. 82 Funding by the Confederation
Art. 83 Temporary Admission
Art. 84 Termination of temporary admission
Art. 85 Regulation of temporary admission
Art. 85a Right to work
Art. 86 Social assistance and health insurance
Art. 87 Federal subsidies
Art. 88 Special charge on assets
Art. 88a Registered partnerships
Art. 89 ObligationsSection 1Obligations of Foreign Nationals, Employers and Recipients of Services
Art. 90 Obligation to cooperate
Art. 91 Duty of care of employers and of recipients of services
Art. 92 Duty of care
Art. 93 Obligation to provide assistance and to cover costs
Art. 94 Cooperation with the authorities
Art. 95 Other carriers
Art. 95a Obligations of Airport Operators
Art. 96 Tasks and Responsibilities of the Authorities
Art. 97
Art. 98 Allocation of tasks
Art. 98a Use of police control and restraint techniques and police measures by the enforcement authorities
Art. 98b Delegation of duties to third parties in the visa procedure
Art. 98c Cooperation and coordination with fedpol
Art. 98d Security duties of the migration authorities
Art. 99 Approval procedure
Art. 100
Art. 100a Use of documentation advisers
Art. 100b
Art. 101 Data processing
Art. 102
Art. 102a Biometric data for identity cards
Art. 102b Verifying the identity of the identity card holder
Art. 103 Monitoring of arrivals at the airport
Art. 103a Information system on refusals of entry
Art. 103b Entry and exit system
Art. 103c Recording, consulting and processing data in the EES
Art. 103d Disclosure of EES data
Art. 103e Exchange of information with EU member states that do not apply Regulation (EU) 2017/2226
Art. 103f Implementing provisions on the EES
Art. 103g Automated border controls at airports
Art. 104 Air carriers' duty to provide data
Art. 104a Passenger information system
Art. 104b Automatic transmission of data from the API System
Art. 104c Access to passenger data in individual cases
Art. 105 Disclosure of personal data abroad
Art. 106 Disclosure of personal data to the native country or country of origin
Art. 107 Disclosure of personal data under readmission and transit agreements
Art. 108109
Art. 109a Consultation of data in the Central Visa Information System
Art. 109b National visa system
Art. 109c Consultation of the national visa system
Art. 109d Exchange of information with EU member states to which Regulation (EC) No. 767/2008 not yet applies
Art. 109e Implementing provisions for the C-VIS
Art. 109f Information System for Return Procedures
Art. 109g Content
Art. 109h Data processing
Art. 109i Third parties delegated tasks
Art. 109j Supervision and implementation
Art. 110
Art. 111 Information systems for travel documents
Art. 111a Data Protection under the Schengen Association Agreement
Art. 111b Data processing
Art. 111c Exchange of data
Art. 111d Disclosure of data to third countries
Art. 111e
Art. 111f Right to information
Art. 111g Supervision of data processing related to Schengen cooperation
Art. 111h
Art. 111i Eurodac
Art. 112 Legal Remedies
Art. 113
Art. 115 Unlawful entry, exit, and period of stay and work without a permit
Art. 116 Encouraging unlawful entry, exit or an unlawful period of stay
Art. 117 Employment of foreign nationals without a permit
Art. 117a Breach of obligations to give notice of vacant positions
Art. 118 Fraudulent conduct towards the authorities
Art. 119 Failure to comply with restriction or exclusion orders
Art. 120 Further offences
Art. 120
Art. 120d Improper processing of personal data in the SEM information system
Art. 120e Prosecution
Art. 121 Seizure and confiscation of documents
Art. 122
Art. 122a Violations of the duty of care by air carriers
Art. 122b Violations by air carriers of the duty to provide data
Art. 122c Common provisions on penalties for air carriers
Art. 123 Fees
Art. 124 Final Provisions
Art. 124a Relationship between the order for expulsion from Switzerland and Directive 2008/115/EC
Art. 125 Repeal and amendment of current legislation
Art. 126 Transitional provisions
Art. 126a Transitional provisions to the Amendment of 16 December 2005 to the AsylA

SR 142.31

Art. 126b Transitional provision to the Amendment of 11 December 2009
Art. 126c Transitional provision to the Amendment of 20 June 2014
Art. 126d Transitional provision to the Amendment of 25 September 2015 to the AsylA
Art. 127 Coordination with the Schengen Association Agreements
Art. 128 Referendum and commencement
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